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The past few days have been really fun in Northern VT. The weekend had few squalls roll through with a nice fluffy coating over last weeks crust and Sunday night’s lake effect bands lined up some nice Monday morning pow. The snow pack is finally getting to more comfortable levels and the Mount Mansfield snow stake is only 4″ below were it was at this time last year! Looks like the next week+ could bring some interesting weather.

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Spark R&D unveiled a few new products at SIA this week. Most interesting to me is their new Edison interface system. It can be used with factory splits, 4×4 DIY splits and 4×4 solid boards. The fixed pins and latch mechanism on the Edison looks like it will save a lot of time when converting back to ride mode. Video from

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Before it became a DIY, and then a folding ski, it was a trusted powder companion.  Having managed to survive tours of duty on both coasts, its golden years began after the saw was taken to it.The right ski cracked from the cut edge in to the closest insert at the touring bracket last season breaking trail, and it was relegated to rock split status, which has come in handy this season as the East continues to get rain instead of snow.  During a recent tour, it finally popped and tried its best to turn into a folding approach ski during the 3 mile limp back to the car.  Time to start a new build…


Late this Autumn DTK operative Pokemontas decided she was tired of the flatlander fashion show at the “ski area”, and that earning fresh turns with her own two high speed quads was far preferable to a liftline full of freestyle ski gangsta bozos and too tall tees.  Due to the notable dearth of women’s splitboards on the market, she set out to rectify the industry’s lack of equality herself .  But what board to bisect?  Knowing there is no better board than the Burton Fish to pull in on when the tight New England trees are closing out, the choice was obvious.  A barely-used 2004 Fish was procured, the benefit of this model year being its stiffer flex, perfect for the typical loss of stiffness from being chopped in two.

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Brand new Burton Freebird 162 with Spark R&D LT Brackets, dual heights, Karakoram latches and Karakoram whale clips with string tech.  Ready for recon.


It’s what nobody wants. You’re lost or stuck in some way. Whether you’re getting weird off the lifts or overnighting in an unknown zone, don’t get caught with your pants down, put together a kit. Building a proper survival kit based on your specific needs is a constant process—they can always be made lighter, tighter, or more efficient. Check out these two works in progress.

A quick dip off-piste can quickly turn into a ride down the wrong side. Wallet-size survival kit for days on the lifts when you’re without a pack.

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It was long overdue but, MLK weekend brought Northern Vermont it’s first real shot of snow this winter. We’ll have more photos and videos coming but here is a little tease.