It’s what nobody wants. You’re lost or stuck in some way. Whether you’re getting weird off the lifts or overnighting in an unknown zone, don’t get caught with your pants down, put together a kit. Building a proper survival kit based on your specific needs is a constant process—they can always be made lighter, tighter, or more efficient. Check out these two works in progress.

A quick dip off-piste can quickly turn into a ride down the wrong side. Wallet-size survival kit for days on the lifts when you’re without a pack.


• Mini Pocket Knife (SOG Micron Knife)
• 8’ of Thin Diameter Climbing Cord
• Button Compass
Keychain Size LED Flashlight
• Whistle (See medical kit below)
• Bic Mini Lighter
• 5 Stormproof Matches in a Waterproof Spot
• Tinder (WetFire™ Firestarter)
• 3 Feet of Aluminum Foil

It’s a good idea to carry these, too:

• Rations (can’t go wrong with a Grizzly Bar)
• Space Blanket (warmth/shelter)

Full-on backcountry missions dictate carrying a bigger survival kit. Use the extra space in the compression pack to store spare liner gloves and a dry layer.


• Dry Bag Compression Sack (Pacific Outdoor Pneumo LTW 5L)
Burton Accessory Case (to store all the little stuff)
• Compass
• Food (Kate’s Real Food)
• Powder Drink Mix (Gatorade G-2 powder)
• Heat Packs
Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivy
• Thin Diameter Climbing Cord
Headlamp (w/spare batteries)
Adventure Medical Kits 1.0 First Aid Kit
• Binding Spare Parts
• Leatherman
Pocket Chainsaw
• Space Blanket
• Zip Ties
• Braided Fishing Line (50’ or so)
• Candle (Wrapped in TP cause you never have enough tinder)
• 3 Feet of Aluminum Foil
• Tinder (WetFire™ Firestarter)
• Waterproof case with Mini Lighter, Flint, Stormproof Matches, and More Tinder
Water Purifying Tablets
• Condom (It’s for collecting water, pervis)
• Whistle
• Duct Tape
• Aluminum Cup


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