Late this Autumn DTK operative Pokemontas decided she was tired of the flatlander fashion show at the “ski area”, and that earning fresh turns with her own two high speed quads was far preferable to a liftline full of freestyle ski gangsta bozos and too tall tees.  Due to the notable dearth of women’s splitboards on the market, she set out to rectify the industry’s lack of equality herself .  But what board to bisect?  Knowing there is no better board than the Burton Fish to pull in on when the tight New England trees are closing out, the choice was obvious.  A barely-used 2004 Fish was procured, the benefit of this model year being its stiffer flex, perfect for the typical loss of stiffness from being chopped in two.

After a quick trip to the local water jet cutting outfit, the boards were ready to be sealed and mounted.  A few layers of Helmsman on the cut edge later, with some low key glitter mixed in to match the sparkly topsheet, and the drilling began.  Standard Voile ying-yang clips were installed to keep the build simple.  The newer two-hole Voile DIY pucks were much quicker to install than the older 4 holes, have no existing insert conflict, and should give the board longer life, halving the swiss cheese effect of the old pucks.  Wintersteiger t-bolts with G Flex 650 kept the install clean and simple; no hardware store fasteners.  Karakoram whale clips, made of a stiffer material than the stock clips and preferable in the icy conditions sometimes prevalent on the Right Coast were ballpeened on.

Further upgrade to LT’sSparks and dual heights should be soon to follow.


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