Northern Vermont saw some good snow and bitterly cold temps a few weeks ago. A few of us decided it was a good time to spend a weekend in the woods and test out some new gear. Meanwhile, the Bolton DTK contingent went off to hit a few choice trails that have been closed for powder farming.

Choosing a spot to post up at for a couple days was made easy by the imposing cold – we needed shelter with a heat source. Temps were forecast to drop to -18º F. With our location solidified, we set out on Saturday morning with a pulk full of seasoned wood, our warmest sleeping bags and as many down layers as we could fit in our packs. We spent the day slogging into the cabin, collecting kindling and prospecting our new zone. The following day had clear blue skies and lots of untouched snow. Unfortunately, the woods were sporting a low tide snow pack which minimizing the amount of layback slashes we could throw. We waited for temps to rebound to a balmy -5º F before we headed out. Before we even got to the goods, Nate thought it would be a good idea to turn his DIY Fish into a folding approach ski. Bummer. The rest of us moved on and scored a few quick shots through the freshly fallen snow.


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