The wind is our friend. I always try and remind myself of this when I’m being pelted in the face with blowing snow and a -30º windchill. However, the wind is putting that snow somewhere, so we went out to find it. Sunday February 12th. Frame grabs from the upcoming DTK: Check Your Pins Season 2 Episode 1.

Traversing somewhere high up in VT.

The first of many wind induced stashes.

Heading back up for more.

Fueling up for a few more laps.

This line was holding some snow.

Not bad for little to no snow in almost 10 days.

How 'bout some week old pow for your face?

We have a few smaller weather systems moving through in the next week or so. Let’s hope it all stays cold and makes it feel like February. DTK: Check Your Pins Season 2, Episode 1 dropping soon.


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