Being well fed is one of the most important things to having a successful day in the skin track. Just because we want to travel light, doesn’t mean that we should have to eat foods that taste like chocolate-coated bark. For years, I have survived by consuming tasteless energy to keep me going all day. Last winter, atop Mount Glory outside of Jackson, Wyoming, I was munching on a tasteless bar when a friend tossed me a Tram Bar and said “try this, it’s much better.” One bite in and I was hooked. I ate Tram Bars every day for the rest of my trip to Wyoming and stocked up to bring some home.

This winter, we are lucky enough to have a partnership with Kate’s Real Food, the maker of Tram Bars, and have been enjoying their peanut buttery, chocolaty goodness every time we’ve hit the skin track. The certified organic bars are packed with calories, protein and fat – just what we need to feed our bodies and minds when pushing through that 10-mile slog in search of pow. Whenever somebody asks me about Tram Bars, I always go back to my first impression, “these are delicious, way better than anything I’ve tried.” Then, I follow up with how much better they are for you when compared to the other bars that I was eating. On top of that, they don’t freeze! There is nothing worse than starving and having to waste energy trying to warm up your food.

Here is a nutritional breakdown of a Tram Bar compared to other bars that used to frequently rotate through my pack. Tram Bar takes the cake with calories and fat!

Tram Bar
Calories           360
Fat                    16g
Protein            8g

Power Bar
Calories            230
Fat                     2g
Protein            10g

Odwalla Bar
Calories            240
Fat                     5g
Protein            16g

Cliff Bar
Calories            240
Fat                    4g
Protein            10g

Kashi Go Lean
Calories            280
Fat                    5g
Protein            14g

Balance Bar
Calories            200
Fat                    6g
Protein            14g

Luna Bar
Calories            180
Fat                    4g
Protein            10g


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