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Check Your Pins Episode 2.1

[vimeo w=604]

While some are calling this the “winter that never was,” for those willing to put in the work, there have been no shortage of good days. Ice, crust, and dust are the ingredients we’re left to work with here in New England, but when the recipe is right, it’s fun no matter what. Chasing the snow has been what this winter is all about, and we’ll be following it until the mountains run dry.



For the past week, we have been buried deep in the woods of Northern Quebec with Vertigo Adventures. Several different peaks surrounded our base camp and we had the entire area to ourselves riding many lines that hadn’t been ridden all year. Over the next few weeks, we will be dropping several posts with pictures and video of the trip. For now, check out this photo of the first line we shot on our first morning there.


Last week, we were on the receiving end of five feet of glorious snow. We all rode nothing but powder for several days. Here is a little taste of what it was like.

To top off an amazing run of snow, we were lucky enough to stay at the Stone Hut in between storms. A nice sunset and good pow had to be taken advantage of.