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DTK – Check Your Pins Season 2 Episode 2

Unless we get a late season dump, the storm of February 25th will be remembered as the best of a lackluster season in New England.  A few days after maximizing the snow in Vermont we headed north to the Chic Chocs on the Gaspe peninsula of Quebec, Canada.  We left early to complete the double-digit windshield hours and follow the shores of the St. Lawrence to the northeast.  A night in a cheap motel and a few Tim Hortons stops later we sorted our gear and set off to explore some terrain and ride with Vertigo Adventures, a guiding operation suppossedly light on frills but heavy on vert and powder at the northern end of the Appalachian range.

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Record breaking warmth decimated our shallow snowpack throughout the month of March. Most resorts melted out before April showers even had a chance to fall. Thankfully, Old Man Winter made an appearance and gave us the nod by dumping two feet of wet snow along the spine of the Greens this week. See the photos for more.

Minimal snow and slush in the parking lot.

No snow down low.

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