It was a long summer. We did our best to keep in shape with biking and hiking, but nothing can keep those skinning muscles free of rust. After some record breaking warmth, it looks like we are finally in a prolonged cold pattern – great for making snow. Before the resort opens to the masses, it was time to break through the rust, stretch out the lungs, and find the glide.

Beautiful dawn light silhouetting Mount Mansfield.

Making our way through the remnants of foliage season. Snow in the distance.

Low temps and dew points mean productive snow making.

We all missed the sound of snow crunching under our boots.

Beautiful sunrise being diffused by the man made blizzard.

It was a beautiful morning to be in the mountains. Nearing the top.

The snowmakers look on as Nick lays down some turns through the fluff.

It felt great to be sliding on snow again!

Bright sunshine and soft snow. Thing of beauty.

Jesse chucking man made buckets amidst the squall.

Sending it.

And last but not least, this was the view from my back deck on Tuesday night. What a treat!

Aurora Borealis


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