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A rare late May snow storm coated the spine of the Green’s over Memorial Day weekend and allowed us to celebrate the start of summer by enjoying the wet, cold, and windy weather.



Episode 3.2 rewinds back to a few of our mid-winter 2013 splitboarding missions. With a solid snowpack in place, we dug deeper into spots that had previously left us broken and battered. From posting up in a remote cabin to pre and post workday missions, we’ve been burning the headlamps at both ends to take full advantage of the best conditions the east coast has seen all winter. Boot up for photos and more, and stay tuned for the Chic Chocs in episode three.


We thought the last powder day of the season had already come and gone. Thankfully we were wrong. Tuesday April 2, 2013 was good.


Krave Flavors

Beef jerky. What do you think of? A quick stop at a gas station? Gnawing on plywood that’s packed with all sorts of unknown ingredients? Not appetizing and not healthy.

We were excited when we had the opportunity to try out some of Krave Jerky that claims to dispel all of those notions. Krave calls it gourmet jerky and it doesn’t disappoint. Their natural meats (beef, pork and turkey) are expertly seasoned in unique flavors and are tender and insanely tasty. Some of our favorites have been their Garlic Chili Pepper Beef, Chili Lime Beef, Sweet Chipotle Beef and Lemon Garlic Turkey. It’s become routine to hammer a bag (or two) on the skintrack. Can’t decide which flavor to try? We recommend buying in bulk; the Sampler pack is a great deal.

Crushing some color coordinated Krave in between laps.

Crushing some color coordinated Krave in between laps.

Nothing like adding a little jerky to a pot of pasta after a day in the skin track.

Nothing like adding a little jerky to a pot of pasta after a day in the skin track.


Was this weekend Old Man Winter’s last fluffy dump? It sure was a wintery one in Northern VT, with no signs of spring.  Ukko was good, but the nameless flakes that fell this past weekend were better, deeper, and lighter. Fighting an Ukko induced allergic reaction to tracks, the only known cure was an unannounced weekend of White Chambers®.

Hey, shoot a photo with this in the background.

Hey, shoot a photo with this in the background.

Yeah, that ice.

Yeah, that ice.

Video from GoPro Hero3 & iPhone.

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Winter Storm Ukko left a deep blanket of snow in New England on the first day of spring.
Snow + Sun + GoPro = Thanks, Ukko.


Traditionally, March is the most powdery month of the year. Over the past few seasons, this hasn’t been the case and the pre-mature demise of winter has left us yearning for more time in the White Chamber®. This March got off to another poor start, with over an inch of rain blanketing the mountains, followed by temps dropping close to 0ºF and locking up the snowpack. Thankfully, the cold temps have helped relaunch winter. This past weekend left close to a foot of stellars and the high elevation woods were riding great.

With the ice covered up, it looks like another storm this week could put us in great shape to close out March. Let’s hope this pattern keeps up!

The new snow was riding great if you knew where the wind piled it up.

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Winter is short enough on the East Coast. Add multiple thaws, every form of frozen precip, and shrapnel-filled forests and it’s enough to make us wonder why we even bother. Episode 3.1 documents the first half of the season splitboarding in Vermont—a season that’s been full of highs and lows, but then again any day on snow is a good one.

[vimeo w=604 H=335]


This winter, we were given the opportunity to pair up with Garuka Bars, a Vermont based energy bar company that uses Vermont-Made Raw Honey to make their bars. We will be writing a full review of their bars in the near future, but for now, we thought we would tell you how much we like them so that you can go try them for yourself! You can even order a sample for a measly $0.99! You’d be a fool not to take them up on that offer.

They are packed with effective local energy, have a delicious honey peanut butter flavor, and most importantly, they don’t freeze!

With the abundance of snow we have received in Vermont at the end of December, we have been putting Garuka Bars to the test this past week while filming for DTK Episode 3.1!


Kept us going for lots of earned laps!


The second installment of our trip to the Chic Chocs puts us a few days deep on a week of earning it in early March during the low-tide winter of 2012. 30km from the truck and 12 hours north of Vermont, we’re yurt-living and stacking vert deep in the wilds of Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula with guides Francois and Bruno of Vertigo Adventures. However, even this far north; we still can’t shake that fickle east coast weather. Mother Nature may throw us a curveball, but we don’t strike out.