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Hour long lift lines? Logo riddled Starter jackets? Jeans and sunglasses? Step-ins and jester hats? Yup, its a holiday weekend. This Presidents Day weekend was preceded by a week long thaw that melted low elevation snow, but placed several feet of new snow along the spine of the Greens. Avoiding the crowds, we dipped into many high elevation nooks and crannies in search of a powder harvest fit for a president.

The valley was lost in the clouds.

The valley was lost in the clouds.

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This winter, we were given the opportunity to pair up with Garuka Bars, a Vermont based energy bar company that uses Vermont-Made Raw Honey to make their bars. We will be writing a full review of their bars in the near future, but for now, we thought we would tell you how much we like them so that you can go try them for yourself! You can even order a sample for a measly $0.99! You’d be a fool not to take them up on that offer.

They are packed with effective local energy, have a delicious honey peanut butter flavor, and most importantly, they don’t freeze!

With the abundance of snow we have received in Vermont at the end of December, we have been putting Garuka Bars to the test this past week while filming for DTK Episode 3.1!


Kept us going for lots of earned laps!


The second installment of our trip to the Chic Chocs puts us a few days deep on a week of earning it in early March during the low-tide winter of 2012. 30km from the truck and 12 hours north of Vermont, we’re yurt-living and stacking vert deep in the wilds of Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula with guides Francois and Bruno of Vertigo Adventures. However, even this far north; we still can’t shake that fickle east coast weather. Mother Nature may throw us a curveball, but we don’t strike out.


Check Your Pins Episode 2.1

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While some are calling this the “winter that never was,” for those willing to put in the work, there have been no shortage of good days. Ice, crust, and dust are the ingredients we’re left to work with here in New England, but when the recipe is right, it’s fun no matter what. Chasing the snow has been what this winter is all about, and we’ll be following it until the mountains run dry.